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HiTEM has acquired a Flying Probe 810D Scorpion!

Paul Bennet from Acculogic- 

Fixtureless Testing With a Flying Prober

A Better Way To Test

As the trend in the increase of board complexity continues, the capabilities of automated test equipment or in-circuit testers are challenged and even exceeded. This could be due to the lack of or limited physical access (test points) to components or, limited tester channels or, the cost of fixture design and fabrication, especially for large node count boards.

Flying probe test systems require no test fixturing, have few restrictions on board access, and can test boards with virtually unlimited number of nets. These systems also allow developers to complete test programs in a short time.

Appropriately, the Acculogic Scorpion Flying Probe test platform is an essential part of any PCBA test strategy, serving both prototype and production volume test requirements, providing maximum flexibility for electronics manufacturers.

Application of new and innovative design features to increase test speed, board access, reliability, and repeatability, have opened up new possibilities for deployment of FLS810D  flying probe test platform. As the first patented flying prober with double sided testing and 22 interchangeable probe modules, the FLS810D is leading the way in defining new leaner and more efficient deployment models for production environments.

Flying Probe Test Platforms

Three Dimensional And Double Sided Probing: The Way To ‘Single Pass Testing’

Modern large double-sided board designs and the latest high density packages increasingly make test access a challenge that only the Flying Scorpion can meet. To overcome access limitations, the Flying Scorpion fully exploits a patented dual motion concept, in which shuttles drive on frictionless air bearings across a top and a bottom stator to accurately and quickly position 3-dimensional probes. This enables landing on selected test points simultaneously on both sides of the board. So no matter how test access is distributed between the top and bottom side of your board, the Flying Scorpion will always provide a Single Pass test solution. The planar motor concept guarantees a wear-free and no-maintenance operation. The probes can automatically recognize any obstacle and adjust the targeting angle by up to 6 degrees in any direction.

The 3-dimensional joystick-like variable angle Probe module provides the probe with a freedom of movement up to ± 6° from the vertical. This combined with its double-sided probing capability provides test access not available on conventional single sided moving probe testers.

Now you can test boards whose layout, size, and technology used to defy testing on traditional in-circuit testers and ‘moving’ probers.

HITEM system has only 2 Dimensional accesses.

Patented Multi-probe System : The Way To ‘Full Test Coverage’

The Flying Scorpion has a modular architecture that is expandable to 24 probe modules. The wide availability of different probe tip styles enables configurations providing best contact. In addition to proving excellent test coverage on today’s densely populated assembled circuit boards, this flexibility makes the Flying Scorpion an ideal solution for testing backplanes where direct contact with connector pin tips is required.

Short Program Development Time

The Flying Scorpion tester relies on two software modules for processing board CAD data (XMatic) and generating an executable program on the Flying Scorpion Tester (Integrator). Short programming cycles and high system flexibility make the Flying Scorpion an ideal choice for production ramp-up, prototyping, and low to medium volume production testing.

Highest Fault Coverage

The high speed and precision analog measurement unit provides 4-wire measurements capability for all 24 flying probes (top and bottom sides). All probes can perform in-circuit tests as drivers, sensors, or guards on discrete and integrated analog/digital components.


HITEM system is only 8 probes(Top& Bottom).