Aerospace Industry

HiTEM provides contract manufacturing and electronic manufacturing services to OEMs for the aerospace industry. From (examples of products here), we are able to provide printed circuit board assembly right through to final assembly services for both domestic and international companies and governmental organizations.

Our engineering team is able to provide design for manufacture, testing consultation services, and services that gear up for prototype runs right through final production. HiTEM’s contract manufacturing services empower the aerospace industry, creating a true partnership with OEMs and businesses that is based on quality. HiTEM provides services that load OEM components into key aerospace innovations, preparing them for use in research laboratories and deployment on aerospace flights and missions. Our services propel the aerospace industry; we allow scientists, researchers, pilots, and others to make the most of their designs and innovations. As a result, the aerospace industry is a hot industry with many new innovations and explorations everyday pushing the boundaries of science and technology.

HiTEM strives to be the preferred partner in the EMS segment, and to partner with key aerospace companies to deliver the cutting edge innovations that leave a beneficial impact on the world. We provide an ideal combination of our experienced service team, high-quality components, and extraordinary value. Our solutions help aerospace technologies work seamlessly and perform to exceed expectations.